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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our comprehensive examination includes a full ocular health evaluation and refraction to determine need for glasses. Commercial insurance is currently not accepted for the exam but Wal-mart is in network with most vision plans for frames and lenses We accept ARKids/Arkansas Medicaid.

Dry Eye Evaluation and Management

If you’re tired of using eye drops that don’t work or having your dry eye complaints ignored, schedule a full dry eye evaluation to determine the cause of your dry eye & develop the best treatment plan for you. At River Mountain Eye Care, we strive to fix the problems that cause your discomfort instead of only treating the symptoms. We also have a relationship with a locally owned dry eye specialty clinic for more difficult cases if needed.
This evaluation may only be completed if you have already had a full eye exam in the last year.
If you’re ready to get serious about your dry eye, we can help!

Pediatric Eye Exams

Dr. Arnold sees children of all ages but the recommended ages for children’s eye exams are 6-12 months of age, 3 years of age, 5 years of age, and annually after age 5. Even if your child can’t speak yet, Dr. Arnold is able to provide a comprehensive eye exam to make sure the eyes are healthy and functioning properly. Even if your child doesn’t complain about their vision, it’s important for them to have regular eye check-ups to make sure they are developing properly and they don’t have any overlooked eye problems. We accept ARKids/Arkansas Medicaid and we are an InfantSEE provider, meaning we provide free exams for babies 6-12 months of age.

Eye Injury, Red Eye, or Foreign Body

If you feel like something is in your eye, Dr. Arnold is able to evaluate your eye and if something is there, she can usually remove it quite easily. You must be seen in office for proper diagnosis and treatment. An injury to the eye can be a very serious problem. Oftentimes, the sooner it’s treated, the better the outcome. Dr. Arnold will evaluate the eye following injury or irritation the eye and provide the appropriate treatment and management. Sometimes she uses minimal therapy such as cold compresses and artificial tears and other times, she uses prescription medications or bandage contact lenses. In very serious circumstances, referrals are necessary. We accept Arkansas Medicaid for this service.

Ocular Disease Evaluation and Management

If you have a history of eye disease or have been monitored for suspicion of an eye disease, it is important for you to be seen regularly. During your yearly eye exams, we screen for eye disease and explain the findings, including whether or not you need to come back for further testing and monitoring or be referred to a specialist. Common eye diseases we evaluate for include diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular disease, thyroid eye disease, and more. We accept Arkansas Medicaid for this service.

Contact Lens Examination & Evaluation

To receive a prescription for contact lenses, schedule examination to determine eligibility and ability to wear contact lenses. Dr. Arnold has extensive experience fitting single vision contact lenses, contacts for astigmatism, multifocal (bifocal) contact lenses, and cosmetic/color contact lenses. Evaluation includes one trial pair of contacts if available. Pricing varies depending on type of lens needed and patient’s prior experience with contact lens wear.

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