Compassionate and comprehensive eye care.

At River Mountain Eye Care, we strive to provide personalized eye care that goes above and beyond the typical fast-paced, glasses focused eye exam. We look at your eye health in addition to your vision complaint. We also work to make sure your other eye complaints are addressed and not simply ignored.

About Us

Dr. Valerie Arnold is an Optometric Physician who cares.

Dr. Arnold opened River Mountain Eye Care with the goal of providing the best patient care possible on her own terms. She has a wealth of experience garnered from various practice modalities that she uses to provide specified eye care for each individual patient instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our Services

Eye care that goes above and beyond

Routine Eye Exams

This examination includes a thorough evaluation of vision and eye health as well as function. It includes a glasses prescription and it is recommended to be repeated annually. These exams are important because they allow Dr. Arnold to diagnose

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses can provide comfort and flexibility that glasses may not. During a contact lens evaluation, Dr. Arnold determines candidacy to wear contacts, proper power and curvature and provides diagnostic trial lenses to ensure the best possible result.

Dry Eye Care

Dry Eye Disease is becoming more prevalent but more and more patients are not getting adequate evaluation and treatment for their signs and symptoms. Dr. Arnold is passionate about getting to the root of the problem and finding the best treatment for each individual patient

Why Choose Us

We care about your eye health and overall wellness!

Our goal at River Mountain Eye Care is to ensure every patient leaves with a sense that they are important and we want to improve their quality of life. In addition to providing routine eye care, Dr. Arnold often goes the extra mile to help those who have struggled an eye problem or complaint that they feel has been ignored. She works to get to the root of the problem and make sure the proper treatments or referrals are began. She believes that you should leave your eye exam feeling better than you came or at least be on the path to improvement. She particularly enjoys treating and managing:
-Dry Eye Syndrome
-Eye Allergies
-Mis-directed Eyelashes
-Eye Injuries and Foreign Bodies
-Contact Lens Problems
-Abnormal Vision Changes
-Eye Problems Related to Conditions such as Auto-Immune Disorders, Diabetes, Hypertension, and More

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